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Inspirational love for friends, family and God,

are the core values expressed on the products

produced by Deitees Designs. The company is

the brainchild of Award Winning designer, and

Deitees Designs Founder, Darryl De Angelo.

“The idea was to promote and inspire the message

of peace and love with an image or catch phrase.

Then pass it along to others by just wearing it or

sharing it. A story from Darryl’s childhood, explains

the reasoning.   “My mother had what she called,

“The Brotherhood Shelf” in the kitchen where we

could see it while we ate our meals.. It featured

tiny porcelain figurines from around the world,

each in their native dress, holding hands and

smiling. I always remembered that image and

tried my best to keep true to that spirit.”

Those are the core values of Deitees Designs.